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Solar Resources -This website is about the Government’s Energy Department. The mission of the department is to address nuclear, environmental, and energy challenges through technology and transformative science. Maintaining a vibrant effort is seen as a cornerstone of US economic prosperity. -CanSIA is a non-profit association that represents nearly 500 Canadian energy companies. On behalf of the membership, CanSIA works to promote and facilitate sustainable and responsible solar energy growth in Canada. Research and development of government options for renewal energy policy is part of their mission. -This site has book recommendations, puzzles, information, plans, and ideas for solar energy science fair projects. Project worksheets, planning help, tips, project ideas, research materials, poster board layouts, and the science method are included. -The website sells solar panels and renewable energy equipment. Their vision is to have Australia powered by the sun. Renewable energy is the sole dedication of the company that has buying power, the expertise, and the installation coverage to ensure customers get the best products and services. -USwitch is a website that provides answers to questions about solar energy. They have solar panel guides that give information about the cost of solar energy, some government programs in the UK that allow money to be earned by generating green energy, myths about solar panels, and other renewable energy facts. -The website lists reasons to install solar power systems. They include increased property value, savings on utility bills, benefits to the environment, and programs from some US states that allow solar leasing. Electric bills are reduced or eliminated. -Science Kids provides educational resources for parents and teachers to make science engaging and fun for kids. Important topics, such as solar energy, are put into a form that kids enjoy and understand. Children inspired by science at a young age will grow up concerned about the world around them. - This website provides information and facts on solar powered hot water heaters and solar panels. The owners of the website are specialists in passive solar energy technology. The solar and renewable energy resources information and facts extend to solar and renewable energy equipment and resources that include photovoltaic panels and solar cells. -The website content is a collaboration of unorganized aficionados interested in alternative energy sources. Information is not intended for researchers or scholars, but rather, information to keep the general public informed of alternate energy field developments. People posting on the website consider interest in alternative energy solutions a hobby. -SunPower has been a leading global solar innovation since 1985. Many businesses and homeowners have chosen SunPower as their solar energy choice. As global leaders of clean energy technology, the company plays a critical role in addressing environmental and social challenges of the planet. - Care2 is based on a very simple idea. Everyone should live a lifestyle that is healthy and green and make an impact on the causes that matter to them. Solar energy is a green cause of interest for many people. The website outlines nine questions people should ask before purchasing solar panels. - Three impassioned engineers founded altE in 1999. Their focus is to present information on the internet about renewable energy. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can learn how to design and install solar and energy systems in a cost saving manner. The online support provides free educational materials and other content. - This is a page from the above website that contains a solar insolation map of the world. It can be used when determining the size of a solar electric system that will meet the needs of the consumer during the times of year when sunshine is in shortest availability. Other related articles are listed on the page. - wants to pass on information gained through a science addiction. The interest lies in renewable energy, building things, and understanding how they work. The page cited here is a calculator intended to help the user figure out which solar modules are needed and how many. Natural Resources Canada is trying to enhance the use and development of the country’s resources and the competitiveness of its natural resource products. The association is a technology and science leader in the fields of metals and minerals, forests, and energy. -The solar powered home of this website owner was built on a shoestring budget. The desire was to build a house on land that was affordable, instead of being strapped to a mortgage that was costly and dictated the style of home to be built. The wealth that was achieved was independence. - Supplying high quality, wholesale priced solar energy solutions is the commitment of Affordable Solar Group. The company gives businesses, communities, contractors, and installers a chance to make a contribution to a clean energy economy and a sustainable future. – Energy Alternatives has a section of the website dedicated to Photovoltaic components. Crystalline PV Modules are available that have a life expectancy that exceeds 25 years. They provide tracking and fixed mounts for solar panel modules. -The people associated with GoalZero have innovation in their DNA. They are constantly working to develop something new. They are inspired by family, friends, and employees who live a Solar Life. The past does not limit their future. -Two determined brothers started Solar City in 2006. The company has become one of America’s biggest solar providers. More than 6,000 employees work for the company. Delivering clean energy in a better way, that is affordable, is the premise of the business. - For over 35 years, SolarWorld has been the world’s biggest US solar panel manufacturer and one of the biggest solar-technology producers. The company is an industry leader because of its environmental track record, service, performance, manufacturing and technology. -Some of the most cost-effective and reliable solar energy solutions are developed, manufactured, and delivered by Suntech. Through the company’s research and development, the goal is to be able to provide access to the most abundant and clean energy resources in nature to global corporations and private residences. - First Solar believes, in the worldwide energy mix, an essential part is electricity from clean, affordable solar sources. Levelized cost of energy that is competitive in cost to fossil fuels is delivered. The energy portfolio has been diversified by the company’s proven energy solutions. -Sharp has 50 years of experience in the research and development of groundbreaking solar solutions. The company not only makes products that use power, the belief in creating power exists, also. That is the basis of the Eco-Positive mission to brighten people’s lives around the world. -There are 40 countries using 30 million Yingli Solar Panels. There are over 20 company offices around the world. They provide local customer service that is backed by global experience and production capabilities. -In 2006, Triansolar earned being listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company specializes in the manufacturing of crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels and system integration. -Canadian Solar Inc. delivers some of the industry’s leading high efficiency solar cells, modules, and power systems. Canada based, the company has a global reach. Manufacturing facilities are located in China. -The services and products of Hanwha SolarOne are available worldwide. When utilizing their website, one chooses the desired country and language. The company is listed on the NASDAQ. It is a global renewable energy entity of top class. -REC Solar wants solar electricity to be part of the supply of mainstream energy. A more sustainable and secure world results, when people contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and rely less on fossil fuels.