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About Us

Solar power is the next wave of energy efficiency for the entire world. However, there are many obstacles that the status quo have put in the way of public education about the myriad of uses for solar energy. The "grid," as it is called, is really a very powerful conglomerate of politicians and business people who are monetarily tied to the old ways of thinking about energy. They are desperate to keep you on their power sources.

Education is the way out - the way off of the grid and to lower power prices and higher energy efficiency. We are SolarPiper, a company whose sole purpose is to educate you about everything solar.

Who We Are

SolarPiper is a dedicated group of entrepreneurs from all walks of life combined through a shared love of world improvement. We have all decided that the opportunities presented by solar power would lead to vast improvements in the quality of life of all people. Because of this, we started SolarPiper in order to provide a one stop shop for all of the information and resources that you will ever need on solar energy.

What We Do

All of us lead varied lives. We know that you do as well. We know that you do not have the time to necessarily research new things, even things that are very important to you. You have to deal with your day to day life.

What we do is make it extremely easy to find everything on solar energy. All of the articles, all of the information, the cost savings, the economics - everything is here on Now you do not have to spend hours and hours researching for the right article or quote when you feel like advocating for new forms of energy. It will all be right here for you in one place.

What Will Have

First of all, we will have a news feed that gives you real time access to all of the latest updates in the solar industry. If you are looking for an aggregate source, then you need go no farther than We will bring you all of the latest news about solar power accumulated from the biggest websites as well as the smallest. If it is relevant to solar energy, then it will be on

The Types of Articles on

No matter what topic you are looking for on solar energy, we will have all relevant topics organized for you. Some of the most important topics will include:

  • Solar power
  • Solar energy
  • The newest types of solar panels
  • The costs of solar energy installation

We will not only create an aggregate source of information for you, but we will analyse that information for you as well. The trends in the world of solar energy are just as important as the individual news reports. You need to know the general perception of what is being done as well as the technical innovations - are certain aspects of solar energy in need of more attention? Are other reports that are less reputable getting too much attention? You will be able to easily determine what public opinion is on these topics through the tools on

Our Focus is focused on advocating the use of solar energy, especially in residential areas. We want to help people understand the differences between completely off grid as well as grid tie ways to implement solar energy in their own day to day lives.

We will let you know exactly what companies are providing the most cost efficient and energy efficient methods of solar energy transfer. If you do not know how to switch over to solar energy and get of off the grid, you will be able to figure it out after a few reads of the content on

We know that the decision to switch to solar power can be quite difficult. There are so many variables and unknowns that may keep you tethered to the relative safety of the grid. However, our research has shown that solar power is simply better for your life. We want to lead you through the process of educating yourself to the economic and life quality issues that you certainly deserve to know about. We want to help you to find the answers to every single one of your questions that involve solar energy and the information that you need in order to trust it.

Our Solar Calculator

One of the first and best innovations that has already created for the website is the completion of one of the most comprehensive solar calculators on the Internet. We pride ourselves on this calculator having more functionality than any solar calculator currently on the market, and we will continuously upgrade this and other features on our website in order to stay on the cutting edge of the solar industry.

With our solar calculator, you will be able to determine exactly how much it would cost you to make the switch to solar energy. However, unlike many other solar calculators, we have implemented many more of the nuances of the transition into the calculations. We realize that not all situations are the same, and we want to help you make the best decision for your particular situation!

Our Mission

We are looking to educate the world on residential solar energy, and we will stop at nothing to make sure that all of the information in this industry is made available to you on a real time basis. We pride ourselves on providing the best resources in the world for you on this topic. We will make it our daily mission to ensure that our site is the go to resource for the latest on the world of solar energy. We look forward to serving you through the resources that we bring to you on our website. Let's all move forward in creating a new world of high efficiency solar energy for everyone around the world!